Deciphering the Nordic Impact Fintech Map

Copenhagen Fintech (UK)
"It is no longer a matter of why but how!". Looking at the world's state inevitably leads to the conclusion that sustainability needs to be our collective focal point going forward. As global citizens, we need to seriously commit to accomplishing the seventeen United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

Copenhagen Fintech welcomes Infosys to Elevate Fintech Innovation

Copenhagen Fintech (UK)
Copenhagen Fintech and Infosys enter into a collaboration to establish a bilateral fintech innovation bridge between India and the Nordics.

The Growth Story of Danish Fintech lead by Fintech Mapping

Copenhagen Fintech (UK)
Fintechs have become an indispensable part of today's finance industry all around the world. Denmark has seen an astonishing development in Fintech within the past 5 years, in terms of number of new Fintechs, investment volume, job creation and partnership formation.

Danske SMV’er skal digitalisere sig ud af krisen ved hjælp af innovative fintech løsninger

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Industriens Fond støtter nyt ambitiøst projekt som skal hjælpe Danske SMV’ere med at øge produktiviteten og konkurrencedygtigheden gennem brug af finansiel teknologi (fintech).

Vi befinder os i en brydningstid

En krise der på godt og ondt har bekræftet, at virksomheder er nødt til at tænke agilt og være forberedt på konstante forandringer. En tid der har bekræftet, at virksomhederne, mere end nogensinde før, har brug for overblik, kompetent og løbende rådgivning. En krise er et vendepunkt - og kan bruges som et springbræt til noget nyt og bedre. Nordiske 100% digitale konference om bæredygtig finansiel teknologi (fintech). Ligesom tidligere år blev der også uddelt priser til de mest lovende Nordiske startups inden for 5 kategorier. Vinderne blev udvalgt af et uafhængigt ekspertpanel.

Four Nordic companies ready to cross the ‘Sustainable Fintech Bridge’ between the Nordics and Singapore.

Copenhagen Fintech (UK)
Four Nordic fintech startups has been selected to join the UNDP and Copenhagen Fintech Impact Partnership Program. The program aims to bridge the stronghold of Nordic fintech startups, with scaling opportunities from the global and regional partners – Citi and DBS Bank – with local presence in the ASEAN region.

Nordic API Gateway launches platform to increase open banking innovation for all types of businesses

Copenhagen Fintech (UK)
18th November 2020, Copenhagen: Today, the open banking fintech Nordic API Gateway introduces a new platform called Aiia that is set to meet the opportunities of PSD2.

Purpose-driven innovation will build resilience for companies

Copenhagen Fintech (UK)
Since its independence in 1965, Singapore has shared good diplomatic relations with Denmark that has strengthened over the years.

Fuelling sustainable fintech innovations

Copenhagen Fintech (UK)
In recent years, new initiatives have been sprouting up from businesses, governments and communities aimed at shaping a sustainable future, the result of increasing awareness and knowledge of the effects of climate change. However, many such efforts have been put on hold due to the COVID-19 crisis, which has caused a devastating impact not only on the many lives lost, but also severe economic disruption.

The opportunities of digital finance in the time of COVID-19 and beyond

Copenhagen Fintech (UK)
The COVID-19 pandemic is not only a global health crisis, it is also an economic crisis – and has increased poverty and inequality across the globe. Over the past few months, we have seen income and job loss, particularly in the informal sector; a decline in global trade and tourism; and an increase in food insecurity.

Nordic fintechs aim to unlock ASEAN’s sustainable development potential

Copenhagen Fintech (UK)
Partnerships are front and center of the SDGs and the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. A successful development agenda requires inclusive partnerships at the global, regional, national and local level. Singapore and Denmark already have such close fintech partnerships in place through three collaboration agreements. 

British Business helps Digital Denmark

Copenhagen Fintech (UK)
Denmark frequently tops the global rankings for digitisation, with first place on the United Nations E-Government Report 2020 being the latest amongst others. But despite a highly digitised society, only 5% of its companies are using AI or machine learning, and Denmark’s industry can occasionally struggle strategically and operationally in this environment.