Copenhagen Capacity: Ambition Is to Make Greater Copenhagen a Global Hub for Microbiome Research

A new three-year project seeks to establish Greater Copenhagen as a global leader and hub for research in the up-and-coming field of microbiomes.

Well Begun Is Half Done – but Only Half Done!

When it comes to life science, the partners in the Danish-Swedish Medicon Valley region, Denmark and Sweden, are both well-positioned to become first class life science nations in the future.

Shifting the Paradigm of Birth Control: A Danish ­Start-Up Is Engineering Mucus at the Molecular Level

Cirqle Biomedical is developing a contraceptive that promises to leverage the natural properties of the female body, without any negative side effects.

When Universities Turn Their Patents into Start-Ups Everybody Wins

According to Marianne Thellersen, the senior vice president of entrepreneurship and innovation at DTU, universities should feel an obligation to consider whether the knowledge that is generated in their academic departments can benefit individuals and societies. And start-ups are often the most viable way to ensure knowledge gets translated to practice.

Clinical Tests Are Based on Artificial Reality and Yield Suboptimal Results

Clinical medical tests are developed in an artificial reality and can’t be effectively applied in the clinical setting, says Morten Sodemann. That’s why he’s encouraging doctors to swallow their pride and start researching alongside social- and human science professionals.

Biotech Advances by Finding Talent Who Can Walk through Walls

As one of the most accomplished engineers in history, Robert Langer has spent most of his career in ­biotech – spinning companies out of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. This past November, he joined the Scientific Advisory Board of BioInnovation Institute.

Danish Life Science: Up-and-Comers Are Finding Success on Swedish Stock Exchange

Several Danish life ­science ­companies have taken to ­Sweden’s Spotlight Stock ­Market to raise capital for their ­developments. Here, investors are more willing to bet on ­­­smaller- growth companies – propelling ­business innovations forward.

Merger of Danish Health Clusters Will Strengthen the Sector

Five Danish Health Clusters will merge in to one National Health Cluster for Life Sciences and Welfare ­Technology. The new organisation must strengthen collaboration between businesses, universities and health care providers on innovative products and solutions to ensure growth, export and better health care for all.

Agilent Technologies and Dako Denmark: A Shared Appetite for Innovation

Agilent Technologies had built a strong appetite for acquiring Dako Denmark due to a strong ­cultural fit and leading focus on research and innovation. Now, Agilent Technologies is developing and ­commercialising leading Dako branded diagnostic solutions as part of its Diagnostics and Genomics Group.

Infertility Can Be Solved by Tech, but Not in the Way You Think

Exseed Health is helping couples to win their fight with infertility through a medical device that enables at home sperm testing. It has the further advantage of nudging users to make lifestyle changes.

Denmark’s Talent Pool Must Secure Positions of Strength in the Life Sciences

Despite its industry stronghold and reputation throughout Europe, Denmark’s life sciences industry is ever-changing. This calls for dedicated efforts and strategic discussions on training and building the capacity of new talent, so that they can become tomorrow’s leaders in the field.

Getting Products to Market: How Life Science Start-ups Can Harness Intellectual Property Strategies

It often takes very large and very long-term investments to develop products in the life science industry. Intellectual property rights (IPR) are critical to securing investments and getting products to market.

“We Want to Become a European Innovation Hub within the Life Sciences”

BioInnovation Institute is poised to become the epicentre for ­entrepreneurial scientists within the life science sphere. This is all the more promising considering one of their first start-ups just closed a Series-A investment round of 20 million euro.

Combining Strongholds Will Carry Denmark’s Life Sciences Forward

The field of life sciences is in a state of constant development. However, ­according to Morten Sommer – who leads a laboratory at the Novo Nordisk Center for Bio-sustainability at DTU – Denmark shouldn’t strive to invent the wheel anew. Rather, we should build upon our strong foundation.

Is Denmark’s National Life Sciences Strategy Making a Difference?

Hans Schambye was among the first members in Denmark’s “growth team” to offer suggestions for a ­national growth plan for the life science. Almost two years after the plan was announced, he has ­received both praise and criticism for the implementation efforts to date.