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Challenger Tellero Sets Accounting to Full Autopilot

An accounting program brimming with automation + included accountant = a fully automatic financial accounting solution for a set low price. That is the recipe followed by the startup Tellero, who wants to shake up the accounting world with its model.

Ageras want to make banking easier, without becoming one

Their latest offering of business loans take Ageras one step closer to becoming the ultimate financial cockpit for companies. The fintech conglomerate Ageras Group aims to provide small to medium-sized companies with complete financial assistance. Their latest offering: business loans and invoice financing.

Cementing the Industry: Fintechs Now Have Employer’s Union and Collective Agreement

Fintech is no longer just the financial sector’s fresh-faced little brother. With its own employer’s union and collective agreement in place, the industry takes another step away from startup territory towards a strong, established position in Danish business life.

Open Banking Payments Are Moving Into The Mainstream

Paying directly from account-to-account isn’t just faster and more affordable. It has the potential to drive a new era in payments.

Revolutionising retirement savings through the power of AI

Festina Finance has been an early adopter of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to transform how its financial services customers engage with their clients and is now using the same technology to revolutionise complex areas like retirement planning.

Barona: “Hiring Internationally Is Not Difficult. You Just Have to Decide to Do It”

The benefits of hiring digital talents from foreign countries are considerable, but the barriers can appear insurmountable. The international recruitment bureau Barona is here to make it easy to get started.

Partnerships Are Key to Staying Top of Class in an Increasingly Complex Technological World

Partnerships in various forms have become the new normal for companies operating in the financial sector. For Banqsoft, a leading provider of financial software, partnerships create a win-win situation where both parties contribute to providing the best solutions for the customer.

AI-Powered Automation: Bringing Order to Unstructured Data Workflows

Although the flow of data has accelerated, data is still largely processed manually, holding companies back on unleashing its full value. However, new AI-powered automation solutions, like Alkymi, offer a clear path towards turning this source of inefficiency into a competitive advantage.

Without stable IT architecture financial services could face a potential systemic risk

As fintechs mature to become part of the critical financial infrastructure, the opportunities are aligned with new responsibilities: a stable and resilient IT architecture.

Revolutionising mortgages, one API at a time

Festina Finance has rolled out a new service on its 360-degree digital advisor that allows Danish banks to plug directly into Denmark’s largest lender’s APIs and provide customers with the next generation of customisable mortgage products and service.

Deciphering the Nordic Impact Fintech Map

"It is no longer a matter of why but how!". Looking at the world's state inevitably leads to the conclusion that sustainability needs to be our collective focal point going forward. As global citizens, we need to seriously commit to accomplishing the seventeen United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

Copenhagen Fintech welcomes Infosys to Elevate Fintech Innovation

Copenhagen Fintech and Infosys enter into a collaboration to establish a bilateral fintech innovation bridge between India and the Nordics.