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The Tracks Are Being Laid. Now Danish Fintechs Are Growing Across Europe

The PSD2 Directive has created a framework for financial services operating all across Europe. Danish fintechs are now using this to scale their business across borders – but cross-border growth is by no means easy.

Fintech Companies Are Uniquely Placed to Channel Investor Capital into Sustainability.

As investors become increasingly interested in sustainability, a number of fintech companies have leapt to the challenge, and are helping investors channel their money into sustainable companies. This generates another challenge: How do we measure the sustainability of a company?

Fintechs To Watch

Fintechs to watch!

Fintechs Are Doing Wealth Management Differently

Wealth management isn’t only for the wealthy—at least, not if you ask the up-and-coming generation of fintech startups who are using technology to make it possible for everyone to optimise their savings.

Expert Panel: Who will own customer relationships in the future landscape of finance?

In the future, small to medium sized companies won’t just go to the bank for loans and advice. They’ll also expect the kind of fintech solutions that support their business, which several banks have already begun to offer.


Small to medium-sized companies stand to benefit enormously from the latest fintech technologies, that can assist with everything from automation to analysis. It’s the kind of digitalisation that not only offers companies an easy overview, but provides them with new ways to run their business and, ultimately, gain a competitive edge.

Bird & Bird: The Internationalization of Fintech Has Only Just Begun

Fintechs in Europe are growing across borders and in addition to commercial aspects, such expansion triggers requirements to the companies’ governance setup. We have asked the international law firm, Bird & Bird, about the opportunities and challenges encountered by fintechs expanding internationally.

New Business Model Makes Unlimited, Legal Help Affordable for Everyone

By way of risk management advice, a little technical ingenuity and a unique business model, HELP Forsikring’s customers are able to receive unlimited legal advice as part of their annual insurance. So far, 600,000 Danes have joined the model.

Fintech companies: Figure out your legal requirements

The market for acquisitions and startup investments is booming, but in light of Denmark’s new investment screening act, law firm Magnusson Law has some advice for fintech companies: Figure out your legal requirements.

“By 2022, 10 percent of Danish companies’ supplier payments will be handled by November First”

ERP providers, financial IT-systems, auditing firms and bookkeepers are increasingly making use of November First’s API and payment solutions, to improve their existing solutions and to develop new applications and services that automate and streamline the payment and bookkeeping process. November First’s technology makes it easy, flexible and most importantly compliant.

Boosting Effective Core Banking

AQRisk - a specialized Danish fintech boutique - has successfully introduced new solutions to advance banks in better utilizing data, advanced analyses, and optimizing large-scale decision support.

The Ecosystem Has Plenty of Space for Both Established Actors and Fintechs. Use It!

A lot can be gained if established actors and newer fintech companies can work out mutually beneficial synergies through the ecosystem of the financial sector. But that requires both companies to position themselves correctly, and partnerships to be formed with strong foundations, assess experts from innovation and transformation house PA Consulting.