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The Next Life Science Successes Are Being Waylaid by Funding Constraints

Although the Danish life science ecosystem produces a wealth of viable product ideas, there is a huge disproportion between the possibilities and the capital available to convert them into reality.

“Denmark Will Not See a New Novo Nordisk”

The life science industry is seeing a paradigm shift, where newly established production companies are no longer taking the traditional approach. Instead of insisting on creating Danish jobs, we must create success on our own terms.

Start-Up for Transplant Treatments Has Set Its Sight on Billion-Dollar Market

Synklino is developing an innovative drug to combat a virus that ­afflicts patients who receive organ and stem cell transplants. A recent investment from the BioInnovation Institute is moving the start-up from the discovery phase into development.

Fighting Cancer through Technology Innovation

Humans are now living longer than ever, and the natural lifespan is only expected to ­increase into the future. Cancer will become a growing threat to public health systems ­worldwide, and there is an urgent need for effective treatment solutions.

Smart, Profitable Start-ups Are Growing in SmiLe’s Winning Community

There are names making news, like Cantargia and SAGA Diagnostics in cancer therapy, Gedea Biotech in microbial resistance and Speximo with green-wave cosmetics. These represent SmiLe Incubator’s focus on results and expertise in Lund, Sweden.

Speed ​​is Becoming a new Barometer within the ­Heavily Regulated and Conservative Pharma Industry

In the past they hunted the ideas themselves, now colleagues are proactively proposing innovative use ­cases for LEO Pharma's R&D department as they see the value of technology innovation.

It Takes an Ecosystem to Build a Successful Life Science Company

COBIS, the hub for 120 research-based biotech and life science start-ups, offers the ideal framework to foster Denmark's next successful business.

Daiichi Sankyo Builds up a Strong Nordic Presence

Japanese pharmaceutical company, Daiichi Sankyo was drawn to Denmark and the Nordics’ life sciences ecosystem. Now they’re a thriving part of the scientific environment.

Longboat Amniotics takes the Next Step in Cell Therapy

The Swedish company, Longboat Amniotics sees great potential in the mesenchymal stem cells derived from amniotic fluid. Their planned clinical trials in 2020 may lead to a break-through in the future of cell therapy.

Denmark’s Life Science Cluster Invites to Collaboration

As part of the Danish innovation infrastructure, the national innovation network Biopeople has operated since 2005 from universities and university hospitals in Copenhagen, Aarhus and Aalborg.

Oncology Research Is Done in Vain If It’s Not Transferred to Patients

Armed with a wealth of research and teaching experience in oncology, Nils Brünner is now taking his third company to the Stockholm Stock Exchange.