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“We Want to Become a European Innovation Hub within the Life Sciences”

BioInnovation Institute is poised to become the epicentre for ­entrepreneurial scientists within the life science sphere. This is all the more promising considering one of their first start-ups just closed a Series-A investment round of 20 million euro.

Combining Strongholds Will Carry Denmark’s Life Sciences Forward

The field of life sciences is in a state of constant development. However, ­according to Morten Sommer – who leads a laboratory at the Novo Nordisk Center for Bio-sustainability at DTU – Denmark shouldn’t strive to invent the wheel anew. Rather, we should build upon our strong foundation.

Is Denmark’s National Life Sciences Strategy Making a Difference?

Hans Schambye was among the first members in Denmark’s “growth team” to offer suggestions for a ­national growth plan for the life science. Almost two years after the plan was announced, he has ­received both praise and criticism for the implementation efforts to date.

Denmark Has the Best Health Data in the World, We Just Have a Hard Time Using It

Over the past five decades, the massive dataset collected by the ­Danish healthcare system has become extremely valuable. But ­researchers, companies, and clinicians require an easier entrypoint to access data for patients and society at large to reap its benefits.

Immunotherapy Is Fast Becoming a Major Treatment of Cancer

Over the past 10 years there have been major advances in immunotherapy. Although still in the early stages of development, it is quickly becoming one of the most significant forms of therapy to treat cancer. Given the huge potential of immunotherapy, Big Pharma and biotech are heavily invested in R&D, tracing the next breakthrough.

Stronger Collaboration Only Way Forward for Danish ­Health Sector

The Danish health sector lags behind that of many other ­countries in its application of advances in personal health and artificial ­intelligence (AI) technology solutions. “In order to address this gap, our hospitals, universities, and companies need to work together ­towards one clear vision to improve the efficiency and responsiveness of the healthcare system in Denmark”, says Peder Jest, Medical Director at Odense University Hospital.

New Tools Improve Patients’ Ability to Take Control of Own Treatment

As a result of the technical evolution, patients with chronical diseases will be able to improve their ­disease management. New digital health solutions and related apps will provide new opportunities for patients and health care professionals.

Academic Spinout Pushes New Diabetes Treatment to the Clinic

The scientist-driven start-up, Pancryos is working on getting important cell therapy discoveries out to patients who have Type 1 diabetes.

Denmark’s Stronghold in the Life Sciences

Restructuring and growth set the tone for Danish and Swedish life science, particularly in the Medicon Valley region that crosses Øresund. In recent years, the supporting structure for the life sciences, which is both innovative and promotes exportation, has undergone important developments.

Strong Ip Strategy Ensures Investor Capital for Danish Biotech Firm

Danish entrepreneurs miss important funding opportunities if they lack a strong IP strategy. That is the key message from Plougmann Vingtoft — one of Scandinavia’s leading consulting firms within Intellectual Property Rights. Firms in the Life Science field operating without IP rights can have an especially hard time going to market, Plougmann Vingtoft says, which is why they should incorporate IP from the beginning, just as biotech pioneer Curasight did.

New Assessment Council Promises to Foster ­Holistic Procurement and Strengthen Innovations

The new Danish Health Technology Assessment Council must assess whether the cost of new treatments and health technologies is in line with their potential impact and reach.

CRISPR Technology: Assassinating Superbugs and Creating a New Paradigm

The Danish start-up SNIPRBiome used CRISPR technology to kill seemingly untreatable ­bacterial ­infections with surgical precision. And that is just the first use case of the comprehensive, ­patent-­fueled platform they’re building.