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New district poised to attract knowledge and talent

By 2025, Lyngby will have a well-developed innovation district. The vision is to develop Lyngby-Taarbæk into one of Europe’s leading knowledge and university cities – with fertile ground for education, research, business, and entrepreneurship

The 2019 DTU High Tech Summit puts the climate at the centre stage

For the third year in a row, the DTU High Tech Summit will open its doors to a mix of technology companies and researchers. This year, the climate has gained a prominent place in the program

Firskovvej, the future of Copenhagen: A new part of town with its own way of doing things

Almost excluded from the rest of the center of Kgs. Lyngby lies several industrial companies tucked away on Firskovvej and Nørgaardsvej. A new development project promises to link the regions thanks to the construction of a modern and green urban area

“We must be careful not to create a document that will sit on a shelf”

A new sustainability committee – comprised of both citizens and politicians from Lyngby-Taarbæk – is tasked with creating a strategy to tackle climate challenges

“It would have been easier to just build a McDonalds”

Post Pub has gotten a facelift, and popular restaurants have moved in. The old bricks have been preserved, but it has been necessary to bring the icon into the new millennium.

Lyngby goes beta

Thanks to the construction of the new light rail system, Lyngby will be in a transitional phase over the next five years. This presents a unique opportunity to test mobility solutions from self-driving buses and digital platforms to car and bike sharing. The goal is to make life more enjoyable for tourists and residents alike – both during and after construction

BaseCamp set to open its doors to students in September, 2020

The award-winning builder, BaseCamp will distribute the keys to 639 student homes next September (2020). Its residents will benefit from a sustainable construction that accommodates the needs of each individual

Thanks to a 99M DKK investment, DTU Skylab’s innovation hub opens its doors to more startups

DTU Skylab’s innovation and learning hub is so successful that they are expanding their capacity by 3,000 square meters.

Asking the hard questions enables deep tech companies to survive

For tech-heavy companies who are early in their journey, one wrong decision or an overlooked detail can result in the inability to course correct. That’s why DTU Science Park specializes in asking the right questions

Children are studying science in their spare time

Now, in addition to sports and horseback riding, Danish children can attend the Science Club. The student-to-student teaching method employed throughout the clubs fosters peer role models and inspires children to explore the natural sciences

How Denmark’s youth are blocking hackers

One in four children has had an account hacked. Now, a course that applies theory to practice will educate students on how to safely navigate the Internet, and use computers responsibly both in the classroom and in their free time

The Success of the Danish Football Camera and its Brain-Child, Veo came down to Timing and 3D Printing

Veo developed a camera that can automatically record and analyze football matches. The innovative product – that has just received an investment of DKK 40 million – would never have come so far without 3D print production