The 2019 DTU High Tech Summit puts the climate at the centre stage

For the third year in a row, the DTU High Tech Summit will open its doors to a mix of technology companies and researchers. This year, the climate has gained a prominent place in the program

On October 30 the DTU High Tech Summit will open its doors to visitors for the third time. A unique blend of gadgets, entrepreneurial spirit, and research awaits them. The young conference managed to attract 5600 participants in 2018, including 1,100 companies and 250 startups. Now, it will place a research lens on the new technologies.

According to Mette Wier, the department head at DTU Management and the project director of the DTU High Tech Summit 2019: “The fact that the conference is integrated with a leading technical university brings us very close to the research and creates a special meeting space for researchers, entrepreneurs, students, and companies.” Technologies and startups should be intentional about helping to combat climate change The conference will feature a keynote from David A. M. Wallerstein, Chief Exploration Officer and Senior Executive Vice President of the international tech giant, Tencent. He will travel to Denmark to tell participants how they can leverage the Internet and artificial intelligence to manage energy consumption in a more sustainable way.

The former Prime Minister Lars Løkke Rasmussen opened the High Tech Summit last year.

Wier points out: “This year we have a particular focus on how digitalisation and new technologies can help solve our climate and environmental problems. That focus is deeply integrated into DTU’s DNA. That is why we can offer insights into the latest research that can transform industries and contribute to sustainable solutions.”

The importance of multi-disciplinary collaboration

At this year’s High Tech Summit, attendees can look forward to exploring the intersection between research and practice. In an effort to ensure that the meeting discussions blossom into successful everyday solutions, it must draw participants from as many different backgrounds as possible. In Wier’s words: “The mission of DTU High Tech Summit is to bridge people and digitize through innovation. It requires that we meet across disciplines and organizations. It will be two days of innovation and inspiration, where people experience something new, maybe even something unexpected.”