The masterplan for the new Firskovvejarea spans 300.000 square meters.

Firskovvej, the future of Copenhagen: A new part of town with its own way of doing things

Almost excluded from the rest of the center of Kgs. Lyngby lies several industrial companies tucked away on Firskovvej and Nørgaardsvej. A new development project promises to link the regions thanks to the construction of a modern and green urban area

Near Kongens Lyngby’s station and the town centre, the neighbourhood surrounding Firskovvej offers great development and renewal potential. Today, the isolated neighbourhood houses heavy industrial companies, including an automobile workshop, a timber trade, and a car manufacturer. But soon the area will be transformed – reestablished into a tight-knit, diverse, and vibrant district that, with its own profile, is rooted in Lyngbys’ DNA.

Flemming Rafn Thomas is the co-founder of Third Nature, and is responsible for the project.

The vision is to create an innovative district that will entice families and young people into the residential area, while allowing space for existing businesses to stretch into new areas. Supporting this transformation, the architectural studio Tredje Nature (Third Nature) is developing a master plan that spans 300,000 square meters.

According to Flemming Rafn Thomsen, the co-founder of Third Nature who is overseeing the planning: “The project must integrate the area with the rest of Lyngby, while ensuring that Firskovvej contributes something new to the city life, so that all of the elements will work together. The new Firskovvej will not compete with the trade undertaken in the rest of the city or pull guests away from the centre, but rather offer something that Kgs. Lyngby has not yet seen.”

Over time, the municipality plans to develop the business area of Firskovvej to be a mix of homes, businesses, and larger stores.

An urban space for all

The new buildings and urban spaces must be of the highest architectural quality, with paths and connections to the recreational area, Ermelund’s Kilen which lies to the north. Thomsen’s goal is to make the new area a pleasant place to visit or reside by creating a good microclimate:

The new Firskovvej will be a green area with a wide range of sports activities and cafes.

“For this we’re trying to reduce the amount of wind in the area by constructing buildings that might appear to be a bit misshapen or rotated. We will also make sure that the sun can shine through the cracks between buildings, so that we have a comfortable area with fresh air, daylight, and plenty of room for trees.”

At the same time, many of the buildings will be constructed to withhold excess water, ensuring that climate change will not strain the sewage systems.