BaseCamp open its doors September 2020.

BaseCamp set to open its doors to students in September, 2020

The award-winning builder, BaseCamp will distribute the keys to 639 student homes next September (2020). Its residents will benefit from a sustainable construction that accommodates the needs of each individual

Each year as summer vacation comes to an end approximately 5,000 new students begin their studies in Lyngby. Even though there are 8 dorm buildings scattered in and around DTU, many students find it challenging to secure housing.

Fortunately, BaseCamp will be opening 639 furnished student apartments [that house how many students? Single rooms/ double occupancy?] next September (2020). In total, the new construction on Skovbrynet in Sorgenfri boasts 34,500 square meters of residential buildings –13,500 of which is dedicated green space. As a partner and administrative director, Jesper Dam looks forward to welcoming students to the social and green area: “We’re building a unique campus environment, where we are responding to the needs of students both in terms of their social lives but also their need to retreat and focus on their studies.

In our large atrium there will be opportunities to meet other students, run on treadmills in the fitness centre while waiting for laundry cycles to finish, catch a game of ping pong, or simply relax in the café. The apartments are also equipped with their own kitchens and bathrooms, so if students want to be alone that is an option.

” In addition to the indoor facilities, a 700-metre path is being built on top of the building – offering urban gardening and views of the cityscape.

A safe new home

The group appreciates that many students will be starting new lives and transitioning from their childhood homes into adulthood. They are bound to wonder whether they have chosen the right program, can keep up with their studies, and afford books, study trips, and social events. In Dam’s words: “We’re creating a dynamic environment that offers many opportunities, including for those students who may be a little bit in doubt as to where they are going in life.

” For this, BaseCamp is appointing ‘BaseBuddies,’ who are students that have expressed an interest and willingness to help their peers navigate their new lives as students.

Full-service in a sustainable environment

There is already a high demand to live in this modern and green building; more than 70 people are on the waiting list.

Young people like to identify with the environment they live in, which is why BaseCamp is a sustainable construction
Jesper Dam

As Dam observes: “Young people like to identify with the environment they live in, which is why BaseCamp is a sustainable construction. We’re getting 750 square meters of solar cells on the roof and it is being built with the most sustainable materials that today’s construction practices allow.”

Basecamp will also have full-service features inspired by the hotel industry. Among other things, students will benefit from a reception area and a fixed management team that creates a framework for an optimal student experience. In addition, the BaseCamp Skovbrynet will offer everything from a library, games room, fitness centre, a cinema, café, various lounges, dedicated study rooms, and ongoing events.

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  • 639 student apartments, featuring different layouts and occupancies
  • 147 other housing solutions (senior homes and company housing)
  • Will open in early September (2020) for students and early December for companies
  • 13,500 square meters of green space (including roof gardens)
  • 950 bicycle parking spaces
  • 700 meters (on the building’s roof) dedicated to running and a footpath