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Ole Thastrup (Chief Executive Officer), Henrik Harling (Chief Medical Officer) and Maarten van der Linden (Chief ­Business Officer).

The Danish Biotech Company, 2curex Will Make Individual Cancer Treatment a Reality for European Patients in 2020

Already this year cancer patients at certain European hospitals will benefit from the introduction of the Functional Precision Medicine (FPM) test, IndiTreat®. The test makes it possible to match a cancer ­patient with the most effective drug treatment.

Today, there are approx. 300,000 Danes living with cancer. This number will grow, not only due to an increased number of elderlies; but also, because the number of drug treatment options grow. Today, cancer patients often receive several lines of treatment. When they get resistant to a specific treatment, they are shifted to another one. The success of the treatment is crucially dependent upon the physician’s possibility to pick an effective treatment and avoid treatments to which the patient is resistant. If this is done wisely, there is a good chance that some cancers (e.g. colorectal and ovarian cancer) can be cured or converted to become a chronic disease.

This is exactly where 2cureX’s IndiTreat test comes into play.

Because cancer patients are individuals

Each cancer patient has a disease that demands a dedicated, matched treatment. For the last two decades it has been the hope that genomic profiling of each patient could provide such individualization – now we know that genetics only help a small subset of patients. IndiTreat, being a unique FPM test, is providing the needed add-on to the oncologist’s toolbox for finding the right treatment for each patient.


Photo: 2cureX

IndiTreat establishes thousands of micro-tumours that are similar to the patient’s tumor and identifies the few treat­ments that most effectively kills the patient’s tumor, and the ones to which the patient is resistant.

IndiTreat is being clinically validated in 3 major cancers: colorectal, ovarian and pancreatic cancer.

IndiTreat will be introduced into the European market in 2020

2cureX is at this moment preparing for launch of IndiTreat® on the European market in the second half of 2020. The ­organization capitalizes on a long-term collaboration with several leading clinical partners in different markets. To prepare for launch 2cureX started an “Early Access” initiative in 2019 to bring the IndiTreat® test in an early phase to cancer hospitals and clinics in order to validate the quality, logistics and diagnostic processes around the test. This process has been a valuable tool to make sure that we understand the different work processes and stakeholders at the various sites.

Launching the test broadly in Europe requires to have both market and customer knowledge in different markets. In order to ensure that the company has the right access to the customer networks and key stakeholders, the Business Development team is in tight dialogue with several commercial partners throughout the European region, that can help to bring the IndiTreat® test to the right customers and ultimately to the right patient.

“We are witnessing a new approach in cancer treat­ment; we see a market trend where the scientific community advocates for the use of a Functional Precision ­Medicine test to supplement the current genomic profiling to determine a cancer patients’ treat­ment. We welcome the dialogue with health authorities and hospitals to discuss the supportive ­evidence for an individually tailored cancer treatment using IndiTreat®. Individualizing cancer treatment not only adds value to the patients, but also provides significant Health economic benefits”, says Maarten van der Linden, Chief ­Business Officer at 2cureX.