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Morten Mølgaard, CEO in COBIS

Empowering Nordic Health Tech

In order to harness the full ­potential of a strong Nordic ­health tech ecosystem ­HealthTech Nordic represents a community to offer a ­variety of empowering world-class ­health tech solutions. The new ­solutions allow for a paradigm shift, providing new and better ways of giving and receiving healthcare.

In a sector that is rapidly changing and evolving, COBIS is increasingly relying on international collaborations to stay in front and support the life science companies working daily in the research park. One of the successful examples of regional collaborations is HealthTech Nordic.

HealthTech Nordic represents a fast-growing community of 270+ high potential Nordic startups, providing a variety of health tech solutions empowering the individual – patients as well as professionals.

“Together with healthcare professionals and patients, the new solutions not only lead to better quality and accessibility, proactive solutions and cost reduction. They also improve patient experience and working conditions for professionals. HealthTech Nordic accelerates the start­ups growth, tackle the shortage problem in healthcare and unite pioneers in the field of Health tech,” Morten Mølgaard Jensen, CEO in COBIS, says.

A golden opportunity

Being an entrepreneur is hard work – it requires courage and energy and the companies know this very well. HealthTech Nordic offer support from mentors or internal and external experts within various specialties and networking opportunities. The community also offer a number of tools and networking activities, including tools for working with international standards and medical classification or regulatory navigation (MDR, GDPR etc.).

“We want to explore new methods of supporting startups. Activities are based on the members’ immediate challenges and on state-of-the-art research in international scaling of start­ups. Activities are continually evaluated and optimised by the on-going evaluator. For us to understand in depth their challenges, each participating company is interviewed and their challenges are mapped,” Mølgaard Jensen says.

Together with international partners, COBIS is leading this digital transformation, a disruptive leap for healthcare, and the traditional innovation support system. For ­startups ahead of a market in the beginning of disruption, the ­situation is extraordinary. And hence extraordinary measures are needed. It is a golden opportunity to take the lead in a global transformation.

“Health tech is a rapidly growing business worldwide, but perhaps especially in the Nordics. Patients’ demand for digital solutions is increasing, public institutions are transforming and major businesses and investors are investing heavily in the sector. Healthcare is perhaps the last major line of business to be digitised, it’s not a matter of if – but when. The wave is coming, we can try to outrun it, or grab ourselves a surfing board and ride it. And if riding it, we’ll not only increase quality of healthcare, we also allow our Nordic startups to thrive,” Mølgaard Jensen says.

The road is paved

The overall objective for HealthTech Nordic is to accelerate the growth of startups within health tech and create new jobs in the Öresund-Kattegat-Skagerrak region.

The community do this by contributing health tech specific support and activities helping them to grow and scale internationally. During 2017-2019, 750+ new jobs were created in the member companies, serving 36.600 customers and almost 1.5 million users.

And now, the road is paved for the next step. In the forthcoming three years, the ambition for COBIS and ­HealthTech Nordic is to boost growth and job creation as well as tackling shortages in healthcare services.

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HealthTech Nordic aims to:
  • Create 1000 new Health Tech jobs, and to support business development and promotion of digital healthcare products and services
  • Promote solutions that empower the individual, patient, relative or healthcare staff, to high quality and safe healthcare
  • Speed up the making of a sustainable health system with innovative, efficient solutions and support, with the individual in center
  • Fight inequalities and ensure equal access to ­healthcare

HealthTech Nordic is a joint partnership between COBIS and Health Tech Hub Copenhagen in Denmark, Healthtech Norway in Norway and Innovation Skåne, Sahlgrenska Science Park, Smile Incubator and Invest in Skåne in Sweden. The seven project partners represent regionally well-known organizations with active global networks, connections and know-how in healthcare, startup community and innovation support methodology.