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Danish 3D Print Veteran Damvig Becomes Part of Sweden’s Prototal AB

With 25 years of experience in 3D printing and manufacturing technologies, Damvig is one of the preferred suppliers for Denmark’s health tech industry. Now, the family-owned business is part of Sweden’s Prototal AB.

Thanks to its rapid prototype development, the sheer variety of materials and shapes, and scalable production capacity, 3D printing is growing rapidly on a global scale. On a local level, many Danish manufacturers have already adopted the technology throughout the health tech sector.

Among the leading experts is the family-owned company, Damvig A/S, which has built its reputation and expertise in 3D printing over the past 25 years. The company has continuously found new areas and technical opportunities to leverage their services.

Now that Damvig is officially part of the Prototal AB family, Sweden’s largest supplier of 3D printing, their capacity has dramatically expanded. According to Susanne Damvig, the CEO of Damvig A/S:

“Our vision has always been, and will continue to be, building capacity in accessing and using 3D printing. Thanks to Prototal’s acquisition, the deployment of Damvig’s 3D printing will accelerate”.

Benefitting customers

Since its inception, Damvig has invested in new technology and now has the most advanced production equipment in the industry. The company is among Europe’s leaders in 3D printing, and a number of Denmark’s largest companies are on Prototal’s customer list, not to mention entrepreneurs and start-ups.

Prior to the acquisition, the siblings Susanne and Jesper Damvig co-owned the company. They will both stay with the company, which will continue to operate under the family name and maintain its location in Taastrup, Copenhagen.

By joining Prototal AB, they will become one of Scandinavia’s largest players in 3D printing. This will bring tremendous benefit to their customers, according to Susanne Damvig:

“Current and future customers will benefit from our greater capacity, enhanced access to a broader product and technology platform, and increased service levels in terms of skills and delivery. Due to a wider pallet and increased capacity ceiling, we can now resolve many tasks in-house that we would have outsourced in the past”.

Local presence and new technologies

With the merger, Damvig’s ambition is to expand its market, increase innovation, and invest in more technology. In turn, this will give manufacturing companies at home and abroad even more opportunities to take advantage of the enormous potential of 3D printing.

According to Henrik Lundell, the CEO of Prototal AB:

“We are very pleased with the acquisition of Damvig. It immediately strengthened the good cooperation we have maintained over the years when Damvig integrated seamlessly into our business. As part of Prototal’s new focus area – the digital production of plastic components – acquiring Damvig has reinforced the possibility that we can provide high-quality services to current and future customers through increased local presence”.

More broadly, the acquisition aligns with the company’s focus on investing in additive manufacturing. And the acquisition is both a consolidation of Prototal’s position in the Nordic region as well as a springboard for further investments and acquisitions, especially in relation to the Central European market.

By combining production capabilities, the companies bring together a comprehensive range of industrial 3D printers, and will also be able to offer customers FDM and PolyJet technology.